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Deli Containers for the Food industry

deli containers 8-12-16-24-32 oz

Deli Containers for the Food Industry

Distribution Robitaille now offers a brand new line of Deli containers for the food industry. This new line of products is perfect for delicatessen, pastries, bakeries, mobile cantines, cafeterias, supermarkets, depanneurs, etc.; it shall meet all the food industry quality criterias :


  • Full line of Deli containers : 8-12-16-24-32 oz
  • One plastic lid fits all sizes
  • Easy to open and reclose multiple times
  • Designed to accept film seals in conjunction with lid use
  • Designed for automated fill/seal equipment
  • Thermoforming resistant to freezer and microwaves
  • ACIA compliant


Distribution Robitaille just widen its line of Deli containers to better service the Quebec food industry.

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