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Oblong Tin Cans and Paint Cans and Spray Cans


Distribution Robitaille offers a variety of oblong metal containers which loosely fit into the general category of Tin Cans. We do have a wide range of oblong tin cans and paint cans and spray cans of different sizes and shapes for the following industries and usage :

  • food
  • cosmetic products
  • pharmaceutical products
  • paint
  • insecticides
  • others…



Spray Cans

Spray cans are commonly used for application such as paint spray cans and cosmetic spray cans. Our spray cans sizes range from 500 ml up to 1000 ml and we offer 100% surface 4-colour process printing on all spray cans. We are one of the few distributors in Quebec and Ontario stocking a wide range of spray cans.



Tin Paint Cans

Our oblong-shape tin paint cans all come with inside plain tin finish and with pressure metal lids.

Dimensions and Sizes available

250 ml – 0.07 Gal US

84 mm X 75 mm / 3 1/3″ X 3″ (interior gold lacquer)

1 L – 0.25 Gal US

109 mm X 125 mm / 4 1/3″ X 5″ (interior grey lacquer)


Tin F-Style Cans

F-Style cans are oblong rectangular metal cans which come with standard child-resistant plastic screw cap. Paint thinners and similar product are typically found packed in F-Style cans. They also come with metal handles.

Dimensions and Sizes available

3,78 L – 1 Gal US

118 mm X 152 mm X 250 mm / 4 1/2″ X 6″ X 10″ (inside and outside clear tin finish)


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Distribution Robitaille – Metal Pails and Plastic Pails
Tin Cans and Spray Cans – Distribution Robitaille
Distribution Robitaille Québec – Tin cans and spray cans of different sizes and shapes for these industries: food, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products, paint, insecticides, etc.
Président de Distribution Robitaille, j'ai travaillé pendant plus de 5 ans pour IPL et j'ai profité de leur excellent programme de formation continue en Ventes, Marketing et Distribution. C’est à cette époque que j'ai développé mes connaissances en matière de seaux de plastique (chaudières de plastique) et d’emballage rigide et que je me suis constitué un excellent réseau de contacts dans l’est du Canada. Entrepreneur dans l’âme, j'ai par la suite fondé Les Emballages Robitaille en 1995, devenue D Robitaille en 2001 pour finalement constituer Distribution Robitaille aujourd'hui.